What I Learned In 4th Grade Math

Things I learned this year,well I learned division,multiplication also all the angles names,and how to tell what angle it is. I learned how to add and subtract fractions, and more,but some of it was hard. Like division so Mrs.Hunter taut me tricks. I was very good at adding fractions. I can do it in my brain. next year in 5th grade I want to learn tricks for my weakness to math. Everyone has at least one weakness.So I now someone wants tricks to. Also Id like to learn how to do math fast.


So Long 4th Grade

The most important thing I learned was how to make more friends. My favorite project was how to make

light with battery. I was most surprised when Mrs. McCurdy scared us from the STAAR test being wet

for april fools day. The thing I dislike most was to stay inside so long.