Literary Response

This is what I think the genre of  “Out of my Mind” is realistic fiction. Everything in the story could happen from a girl with cerebral palsy and being a brilliant to their  family taking care of her. “I can’t talk I can’t walk” and I’m brilliant. It has realistic characters. “I almost laughed as the doctor   picked up the blocks.” The story has realistic events. Such as penny was a perfect baby.”After several hours of reading,this is why I think the story is realistic fiction. 

Sharon Draper’s Book

I like a lot of things about Sharon Draper’s writing. She makes me feel sensitive about Melody how the dad sniffles about Melody falling. She makes every sentence pop and that’s why I like this book so much. I can relate to some of the character’s in the book like the mom I would not let anyone be mean to my family not even me. It’s so realistic and lifelike,the reason I said it was lifelike was because it has humor and joy with sadness and anger that’s what makes it realistic.