While some differences between communicating in person or technology are evident the similarities are pronounced,as Einstein once said to relate a person to what they choose is to base a fish on climbing a tree.
technology is like talking without talking.

It always has a side where you may not know who that person is.They both are a form of speaking. They are alike in many ways like the can both speak in a way,but talking in person kind of expresses your emotions and lets you socialize and speak to the person face to face.

Where technology does not.They both have pros and cons but I personally think that giving a face to face way to socialize or communicate is better.So the pros of communicating in person are you can not just stare at a screen,you will have more emotion’s shown,and you will know them. The pros for technology is that you can be far away and still talk to them.Here are some cons about talking in person you may not be able to hear them,you can’t be far away to talk.

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