How Malala Made Her Voice Heard

Malala made her voice heard because she believes in peace threw out Pakistan.She is a very bold and courageous person. She is very brave to speak out against the taliban even with a death note over her head. With this mind you should understand how important  Malala is to us,and how blessed we really are. She would not hit a member of the Taliban. “No I will not hit a talib with my shoe.” This is how and why Malala made her voice heard.

The Fight For Education

Why is education so important to malala.

Education is important to Malala because all genders and races deserve education.

Education is important to Malala because the thrives to succeed.

She also rises up for her rights to learn. Malala is a woman who doesn’t  back down for her beliefs and other’s beliefs. Malala is a hero to the people in Pakistan and all around the world. She wants to rise up as high as she can, “God if it is your will may I get 1st place. She wants to help others,”God can I help, even though I am a little girl,maybe a little problem’’