How Malala Made Her Voice Heard

Here are some reasons you should fight for what you belive in.

You control your beliefs, no one can control what you belive in just because you belive in somthing else. you must stand up for your rights as a human being. No one should be able to control you,because your diffrences are what make you unique and creative. We are like colors we are all diffrent,but we are vibrate and bold.

You shouldn’t judge others by their beliefs. Because you wouldn’t like it if someone judged you for your hair,beliefs,looks,ech. If so you have some problems,and you need Jesus. Always fight for what you belive in and what the people around you belive in. Be brave be strong “It’s better to roar like a lion for one day than be a slave for a hundred years.” Malala fought for everyone she could. Be a role motel like she is.