Invasive Species are Just Wet Weeds

Invasive species may look pretty but they are bad. They are killing native animals so get out of town you wet weeds. A man did not clean his boat and look what happens the species is taking over our lakes,ponds and they are making us spend nearly 36 billion dollars a year for america. 

We must warn people about these invasive species to no to clean,wet,dry.Here is my one of my solutions to stop the I.S (invasive species). My solution is to take the pollution such as plastic and rubber.

Melt it down to make a temporary netting which will surround lakes that are not completely filled and have flea beetles to eat the alligator weed and if it is a different vegetation put the fish on one side of the net and kill the other species whether it be hydrilla,water lettuce,etc, with pesticides.

No one likes swimming in a bunch of weeds or getting your boat jammed in it. So let’s stop it by looking for the water lettuce natural habitat and go to  and find its natural predator take only the male or female and kill it off.

Water lettuce can also mechanical harvesters can also be help to stop water lettuce pistia.Those were some ways we can stop these plants for good with your help.

Centre for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

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