Earth Day

Environmental help                                                                                         A day to remember                                                                                           Recycle to keep earth clean                                                                           The day people help clean are environment                                             Hazardous things polluting are water has slowed down                                                                                                                                                       Doing work to help                                                                                           Any way to save plants                                                                                   Years of pollution has start to end

Child Labor

The reason I don’t like child labor is because child labor is just so evil. Kids from that time period had died from stuff like illness,back injuries even stuff like starvation from under paying. Also one time kids where locked in there working rooms because they thought the kids would try to escape the factories. Then a fire started and the kids where burned alive or jumped out the window and fell 200 feet and where all broken. At thoughts times it was  abuse to the max. Kids didn’t get paid as much as the adults even thought they did just as much as the adults. Kids where also put to very dangerous jobs that could cut off there fingers and didn’t even get the medical treatment they needed to prevent sickness. Because they used the money to buy food for there families. That is why I don’t like child labor.

The Executive Branch

The executive branch is the organ that exercises authority and it also holds responsibility of the governance of a state. The executive executes and  enforces the law that was made. The main parts of the executive branch are the president and vice president. The president enforces,and the vice president makes a equal vote unequal by his vote as the tie breaker. The  government of the united states of america is the only country with  so much freedom and power. That is why i’d be in the executive branch.



Thomas Jefferson



Thomas Jefferson one of are great beloved founding fathers

was more than just a plan founding father.

He was never a solider

he fought with

words for independence

Witch helped to get freedom.

He showed  we could be successful.

We might of not won the war without Jefferson.

Pearl Harbor

pearl Harbor started world war 2 on December 7th,1941 at 11:00 am. president Roosevelt didn’t want to fight but,when the Japanese bombed the us we had to fight back in war which started world war 2 the battleships were sunk from lots of explosions attacking them when they attacked.