Invasive Species are Just Wet Weeds

Invasive species may look pretty but they are bad. They are killing native animals so get out of town you wet weeds. A man did not clean his boat and look what happens the species is taking over our lakes,ponds and they are making us spend nearly 36 billion dollars a year for america. 

We must warn people about these invasive species to no to clean,wet,dry.Here is my one of my solutions to stop the I.S (invasive species). My solution is to take the pollution such as plastic and rubber.

Melt it down to make a temporary netting which will surround lakes that are not completely filled and have flea beetles to eat the alligator weed and if it is a different vegetation put the fish on one side of the net and kill the other species whether it be hydrilla,water lettuce,etc, with pesticides.

No one likes swimming in a bunch of weeds or getting your boat jammed in it. So let’s stop it by looking for the water lettuce natural habitat and go to  and find its natural predator take only the male or female and kill it off.

Water lettuce can also mechanical harvesters can also be help to stop water lettuce pistia.Those were some ways we can stop these plants for good with your help.

Centre for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

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How Malala Made Her Voice Heard

Here are some reasons you should fight for what you belive in.

You control your beliefs, no one can control what you belive in just because you belive in somthing else. you must stand up for your rights as a human being. No one should be able to control you,because your diffrences are what make you unique and creative. We are like colors we are all diffrent,but we are vibrate and bold.

You shouldn’t judge others by their beliefs. Because you wouldn’t like it if someone judged you for your hair,beliefs,looks,ech. If so you have some problems,and you need Jesus. Always fight for what you belive in and what the people around you belive in. Be brave be strong “It’s better to roar like a lion for one day than be a slave for a hundred years.” Malala fought for everyone she could. Be a role motel like she is.

How Malala Made Her Voice Heard

Malala made her voice heard because she believes in peace threw out Pakistan.She is a very bold and courageous person. She is very brave to speak out against the taliban even with a death note over her head. With this mind you should understand how important  Malala is to us,and how blessed we really are. She would not hit a member of the Taliban. “No I will not hit a talib with my shoe.” This is how and why Malala made her voice heard.

The Fight For Education

Why is education so important to malala.

Education is important to Malala because all genders and races deserve education.

Education is important to Malala because the thrives to succeed.

She also rises up for her rights to learn. Malala is a woman who doesn’t  back down for her beliefs and other’s beliefs. Malala is a hero to the people in Pakistan and all around the world. She wants to rise up as high as she can, “God if it is your will may I get 1st place. She wants to help others,”God can I help, even though I am a little girl,maybe a little problem’’


While some differences between communicating in person or technology are evident the similarities are pronounced,as Einstein once said to relate a person to what they choose is to base a fish on climbing a tree.
technology is like talking without talking.

It always has a side where you may not know who that person is.They both are a form of speaking. They are alike in many ways like the can both speak in a way,but talking in person kind of expresses your emotions and lets you socialize and speak to the person face to face.

Where technology does not.They both have pros and cons but I personally think that giving a face to face way to socialize or communicate is better.So the pros of communicating in person are you can not just stare at a screen,you will have more emotion’s shown,and you will know them. The pros for technology is that you can be far away and still talk to them.Here are some cons about talking in person you may not be able to hear them,you can’t be far away to talk.

New Year’s

The long road was  worth the wait

because I had fun for goodness sake

the time I was there I was a step too late

it was fun and was so great

the little kids ran in town

playing with toys all around

we watched the fireworks shoot high in the sky

like airplanes that fly so high

we watched the New York ball drop to the count of 10

so that’s how 2017 began

Keep Moving Forward Reflection of “Out of my Mind”

I never had any friends when I was very young.

People just treat me like I am so dumb.

     I feel like i’m always thrown under the boat,

no one will throw a lifesaver to keep me afloat. The only who was kind to me was the one who to me was the lady who had to take care of me.

The impact of life can make a boom life goes by so fast you can here the zoom.  stock-vector-kid-offers-help-to-stand-up-to-1

Literary Response

This is what I think the genre of  “Out of my Mind” is realistic fiction. Everything in the story could happen from a girl with cerebral palsy and being a brilliant to their  family taking care of her. “I can’t talk I can’t walk” and I’m brilliant. It has realistic characters. “I almost laughed as the doctor   picked up the blocks.” The story has realistic events. Such as penny was a perfect baby.”After several hours of reading,this is why I think the story is realistic fiction. 

Sharon Draper’s Book

I like a lot of things about Sharon Draper’s writing. She makes me feel sensitive about Melody how the dad sniffles about Melody falling. She makes every sentence pop and that’s why I like this book so much. I can relate to some of the character’s in the book like the mom I would not let anyone be mean to my family not even me. It’s so realistic and lifelike,the reason I said it was lifelike was because it has humor and joy with sadness and anger that’s what makes it realistic.